plunges, plunging, plunged
1) VERB If something or someone plunges in a particular direction, especially into water, they fall, rush, or throw themselves in that direction.

[V prep/adv] At least 50 people died when a bus plunged into a river...

[V prep/adv] He ran down the steps to the pool terrace and plunged in.

N-COUNT: usu sing
Plunge is also a noun.

...a plunge into cold water.

2) VERB If you plunge an object into something, you push it quickly or violently into it.

[V n into n] A soldier plunged a bayonet into his body...

[V n into n] She plunged her face into a bowl of cold water...

[V n with in] I plunged in my knife and fork.

3) V-ERG If a person or thing is plunged into a particular state or situation, or if they plunge into it, they are suddenly in that state or situation.

[V n into n] The government's political and economic reforms threaten to plunge the country into chaos...

[V n into n] 8,000 homes were plunged into darkness as electricity cables crashed down...

[V-ed] Eddy finds himself plunged into a world of brutal violence...

[V into n] The economy is plunging into recession.

N-COUNT: usu sing, N into n
Plunge is also a noun.

That peace often looked like a brief truce before the next plunge into war.

4) V-ERG If you plunge into an activity or are plunged into it, you suddenly get very involved in it.

[V into n] The two men plunged into discussion...

[be V-ed into n] The prince should be plunged into work...

[V pron-refl into n] Take the opportunity to plunge yourself into your career.

N-COUNT: usu sing, N into n
Plunge is also a noun.

His sudden plunge into the field of international diplomacy is a major surprise.

5) VERB If an amount or rate plunges, it decreases quickly and suddenly.

His weight began to plunge...

[V to n] The Pound plunged to a new low on the foreign exchange markets yesterday...

[V from/to amount] Shares have plunged from ₤17 to ₤7.55...

[V by amount] The bank's profits plunged by 87 per cent...

[V amount] Its net profits plunged 73% last year.

Plunge is also a noun.

Japan's banks are in trouble because of bad loans and the stock market plunge.

6) See also plunging
7) PHRASE: V inflects If you take the plunge, you decide to do something that you consider difficult or risky.

If you have been thinking about buying shares, now could be the time to take the plunge.

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